A lot of ideas are born out of frustration. My Honesty Box is no exception. Attempting to purchase produce from a traditional honesty box stall without having the correct change was the beginning of our journey. While we have have some way to go, we think we're on a good path.

  • How it works

    My Honesty Box uses QR Codes, a type of bar code, to replace the traditional honesty box in produce stalls, golf clubs, tennis courts, charitable collections, and any number of other situations where a payment needs to be accepted. Check out My Demo Store for an example.

  • Vendors

    If you have something to sell or need to collect payments, sign up as a vendor. Use My Honesty Box to create a store and define the products or services for which you want to accept payment. Print out the QR Code (we provide a special pre-formatted page) and display it, message it, put it on Facebook — whatever is the most appropriate. You can even attach our logo to your signage to let people know they can use My Honesty Box for payment.

  • Customers

    Anyone wishing to make a purchase needs to download My Honesty Box app from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play. Then it's as simple as registering if you haven't already, scanning the QR Code, selecting the items to purchase, and paying using one of the payment options. We have a short video on Facebook that shows how to use My Honesty Box app.

  • In the media

    We've been fortunate to have had some wonderful media coverage for which we are very grateful and would like to share with you.

    The Waikato Times has an article The honesty box fights back with a brief interview with our founder David Clarke, 1 February 2024.

    Toby and Ryan from Kaitake Farm gave us a nice plug on National Radio's Nine To Noon with Kathryn Ryan, 30 April 2018.

    Jihee Jun from The Spinoff did a fantastic write up of My Honesty Box, 28 March 2018.

    Jane Matthews helped spread the word in Stuff Technology, 9 March 2018.

    Jesse Mulligan spoke briefly to Dave on his afternoon show on Radio NZ, 8 March 2018.

    Taranaki Food Heroes' Helen and Ursula spoke to Dave (audio) about My Honesty Box on their show, 6 March 2018.

  • About Us

    We're a small team and you can learn more about us over at our Zebra Crossing website. My Honesty Box is a new direction for us and we hope that it will not only prove to be a valuable tool for re-enabling community-level commerce, but also inform the work we do through Zebra Crossing.

    At this stage in our My Honesty Box story there is much we still want to do. We hope you will join us on our journey and in return, whether you are a vendor, a customer, or both, we will do our best to provide a platform we can all embrace.